Feb 25, 2013

Michael Mayer - Immer (2002)


the non-professional (non-critical) Immer written template seems to be Immer makes me feel cool even though i'm not and so here's my one:

my new haircut makes me feel like college Ders, one of my wisdom teeth broke through but only some of the way and when i poke the gum it expels pus and old food, the other side isn't showing at all, but it hurts, so i'm scared how gnarly it's gonna be when it gets to the same stage as the other one, if it ever does, i'm losing weight through exercise but not on my face, as a matter of fact, i think it's getting bloated, and the fact i care or even notice really bums me out, though i'm sure it's better that than the blur that beer-bros experience or lose track of experiencing, of course, when one day their faces are swollen 'cause carbs, 'cause dehydration, 'cause beer, and old girls are looking better than ever, maybe married, or they have a kid, or they just don't want a bloat-face ex-bully ex-bro age 20something beerface who told their little brother what they did, how they did it and when, too, publicly, trust translates to humiliation, with these people, what's left but denial, harden the hard shell of denial through future bullying, but who's left, ha? nobody, but seriously, where does this pus come from, in this volume, it's like getting a cold and thinking roughly the same thing, about snot, college ders, broken gums, bleeding teeth, wait for lunch, slimy cucumber, single, of course, sex-drive, gone, at 22, baldness comes in cycles, next stop, next year, shiny-head-fat-faced-fuck, and ya know what? as much as I like Immer there's no way it'll ever make me feel cool, and it shouldn't work on you either

Flying Far makes it feel like I'm flying through the sky, hungry, on a wave of positivity


5/5 amg etc

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  1. thank you for this. i was just thinking the other day how i still haven't heard this mix. i love his other mixes and the first album (the new one i'm a bit unsure of at the moment). but somehow this one i never picked up. and people raved about it. so, i am quite eager to hear this. thanks!!!