Feb 8, 2013

V/A - Back From the Grave, Vol. 3 (1984)

A1 Chentelles - Be My Queen
A2 Little Willie and the Adolescents - Get Out of My Life
A3 Ken and The 4th Dimension - See If I Care
A4 Me and Them Guys - I Loved Her So
A5 The Interns - I've Got Something to Say
A6 Intruders 5 - Ain't Comin' Back
A7 The Monacles - I Can't Win
A8 Lil' Boys Blue - I'm Not There
B1 Jerry and The Others - Don't Cry to Me
B2 The Fugitives - You Can't Blame That on Me
B3 The Raunch Hands - Tiger Guitars
B4 William the Wild One - Willie the Wild One
B5 Murphy and The Mob - Born Loser
B6 The Mods - You've Got Another Thing Comin'
B7 Sir Winston & The Commons - We're Gonna Love
B8 The Royal Flairs - Suicide
B9 Montells - You Can't Take Me

Due to the inevitable deduction and fabrication in the reimagining or reconstitution of any given era, the renditions produced are always simulacral- caricatures ready for nostalgic fetishization. Their purpose is to be gazed upon, so that we can make pretend that whatever follows can't and won't be the same, take comfort in an illusory past, and conclude I guess I just wasn't made for these times. The Back to the Grave series offers an alternative view of the 1960s which has had removed from it the pop-historical landmarks frequently used in caricaturing the decade- psychedelia, artshit, free love, romantic folk, hope, and breezy pop. It's the same process of deduction and fabrication, only what we have instead is a world where zombies walk the earth, it's always dark outside, aliens hide in the bushes outside your house, and every band sounds like a janglier, more musically able Ramones. It's that camp, knowing exaggeration which makes the swampy b-horror version so appealing, I think. Volume 3 is the love-song volume, so I like it the most. Come for the bizarro soundworld, stay for the songs, or whatever


check it out (vinyl rip)


  1. funny u should post that. planning on posting the first 2 volumes on my blog this weekend. excellent series! nice one, max

  2. This is Mark A. Adams, the bass player for The Chentelles, co-writer of Be My Queen and the one who does the scream on the song. Bill Dalton, Jr., the lead singer and organ player says my scream is one of the 3 great ones in rock 'n' roll history with the other two being Roger Daltry of the Who and Paul McCartney of the Beatles on Revolution. What do ya'll think? Give me some comments. Thanks!