Mar 12, 2013

The Cramps - Rockinnreelininaucklandnewzealandxxx (1986)

Smell of Female is my jam and all but holy fucking shit have you heard this? That one's important as an album and a document- b-movie-obsessed freaks kept from recording anything for two years finally get to release something and it's somewhere between the reverby freakiness of where they'd been and the aggression of where they'd go. This one's pretty much all the way there- tiny pants, noise guitars, and animal singing


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  1. You're so right about Smell Of Female... You Got Good Taste ALWAYS does it for me... so, obviously, I need this just as much... thanks very much!

  2. You're right with Smell of Female but I'm more into Songs the Lord taught us. I've seen them live over ten years ago and rockingreelinn... shows exactly how they were

  3. A non Mega mirror would be greatly appreciated.

  4. Do you have a Smell of Female link? I've been searching high and low.