May 9, 2013

Rass Kass - Van Gogh (2001)

It's hard to tell whether Rass Kass really does see himself as a sort of Van Gogh given that his opinion of European culture is a matter of public record, but either way, if you dislike boastful "conscious rap" you may have a problem with this. If you find intellectual pretensions and a conscious rejection of gangster rap somehow inauthentic and you are a white liberal arts major, your problems probably run a lot deeper anyway. Not that there is something wrong with violent west coast gangster rap either, and apparently Rass Kass has recently embraced it anyway. The point is, some people just aren't allowed to have an opinion on this stuff.

This is a really clever, confrontational set of tracks that vary in quality, but which at least retain an overarching vision: that Rass Kass believes he is really fucking good. And he is, actually. Very good in fact, only less so on this album compared to others. Bootleggers seemed to this it was pretty good in any case, and this album was being widely circulated before it was meant to be released. Sopranos fans will recognize the excellent title track.



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