May 30, 2013

Mystical parasites (2013)

DIY psych so good it threatens you to mention its influences so it can ask do you feel better now? and enthralled you say not really and just experience it for what it is. It humanizes itself with an impressionistic breakup narrative whose details are lost in the noise- dynamic and repetitive, spacey yet dark. Through volume and improvisation the songs' feelings are expressed without any need for a literal narration any way. Without words the voice becomes our temperamental guide and protagonist within Pearl Mystic's chaos. It holds our hands through the first two tracks, but we lose it in the formless noise of i smartly sequenced just when it seems like nothing can derail Pearl Mystic's propulsive energy. It comes back defeated in the near-ballad In Our Time, and every time after that it's either seen attempting to fight its way out or just giving up. It's bittersweet when it tells us to say goodbye having found a pulse on What We Talk About, and the closer affirms this- free-form but weightless and blissed out like a grey cloudy sky just cleared.


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  1. this is great stuff thanks brother!
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