Jun 9, 2013

JESUS (1997)


Darcy Clay is like a cult nz legend and I didn't know who he was until two weeks ago. I went to a friend's house to watch Gravity Falls and drink Pure Blonde and there was a shitty 90s anthem playlist thing on TV and Clay's Jesus I Was Evil came on and I was like holy shit the lo-fi-ness and retarded bassline this is the best thing and my friends were like you're stupid how have you not heard this his version of Jolene is the best version of Jolene. Jesus I Was Evil is an EP of bizarro musical characters and styles. What About It is like the character from Beck's I Get Lonesome (or actually any song on Mellow Gold) came to life and made a song. Jolene is a pseudo disco genderfuck masterpiece. I don't know what's going on with In the Middle but it has a good feeling and I like it. The title track is obviously the best. The live stuff on the second half of the CD is confusing and really good. Opening for Blur, his English Rose is a self-aware mess and although things sort of come together afterwards, they also totally don't. His raw vocals offer a more physically real angle to the glorious bedroom recordings of the EP. Any distinctions between beauty and retardation and self-awareness and sincerity are all ignored by Clay, and his songs effectively transcend any one feeling or conclusion that the listener might feel/make from them.

Jesus I Was Evil is fun and happy and self-conscious opposition rock and it's so fucking painful that it can and should bring a tear to your eye. RIP.

Came with an 'interactive CD-ROM' I've made into an iso if anyone's interested


v0 / flacbuy


  1. hi
    had to tell you. blown away by darcy clay! assume you`re from nz. needs to be a law that at least one person from each country has to blog their hidden treasures! ha
    cheers muchly

  2. It was nearly two weeks ago that I too was introduced to Darcy Clay for the first time. I stumbled across him via a link to the Jesus I was Evil video on youtube that another band I dig posted on their Facebook page. LOVE IT. NEEDED MORE OF IT. I took to scouring the internet for any and all things Darcy which sadly only turned up a few bits and pieces. I don't know how it's possible but I felt so heartbroken when I learned he died and left so little of his genius behind. Anyway- my search for bits and pieces continues and that's how I found your blog. Stoked to see something recent. I ordered the Jesus I Was evil CD you have pictured above last week and it's en route from NZ... it comes with a CD-ROM? Can't wait to check that out.