Jun 16, 2013

'odds n sods' (1997)



Q can u pls write a mini write up of kettle whistle by jane's addiction?
A Pitched as an essential document of janes addiction's emotional power when playing live, Kettlewhistle is a hodgepodge of live recordings, demos and new songs. It's probably more of a filler between albums, or a last ditch attempt to pull something together for fear of not being able to reform the original members to create the 'old magic' again. This is also hinted at by the fact the original bassist Eric Avery refused to contribute to the new tracks and Flea from the Red Hot Chili Peppers was called in to replace him. Kettlewhistle roughly marks the point I lost interest in both Janes Addiction and the Red Hot Chili Pepper's music. Ritual De la Habitual was probably JAs last relevant album and the Chilis produced nothing worthwhile after Blood Sugar Sex Magic. This was also around time Navarro transformed into a huge comic book rock star douchebag. Really a sad time all round for me in regards to both these bands... The cover art is quite pretty though.
A Thanks! Perfect!
Q really? no mention of the actual music
Q might be really good...


Jane Says worked its way into my head one day and now it always makes me feel sick and sad and happy all at once when I hear it and I can't live without it


'odds n sods'




FLAC here and it's huge


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    I wouldn't mind FLAC if you don't mind U/L'ing