Jun 20, 2013

TRVE GAME (1995)

Responsible gangsta Mad CJ Mac says he's been up and down and up again financially over the years, and so his gangsta boasts are retrospective rather than say hungry. On True Game hunger is reserved for the literal kind, again dealt with retrospectively when personal, and again responsibly/wisely when it's general (universals being the tool of the 'conscious,' autobiographical generalities being that of the caring g storyteller, and that oxymoron being symptomatic of Mac's or Pac's brand of thug). Because I'm simple and like smoothness and emo things, I like it best when he reflects that maybe he's losing his mind a la Nightmares (though at the end of that we still don't think the Thorntons could ever feel a thing) or label mate Geto Boys' Mind Playing Tricks on Me. Consequence, after all, lends a kind of credibility or weight to the otherwise hypothetical or fantastical situations surrounding.


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