Jul 31, 2013

NO LIFE (1982)

The much adored SEE FUCK U KIRK WHY CANT U DO IT LIKE DAAAVE HAHA demo that's like the worst thing ever to happen to Lars Ulrich

Thrash-political issues aside, I usually always love Metallica and definitely always love lo-fi Metallica and the way "it's how I live my life" is sung on Motorbreath is one of my favourite little things in music ever along with "what went wrong" in Death's Flattening of Emotions, "all you ever wanted" in The Replacements' Little Mascara, "one time for my niggas doin life in hell" in 2Pac's Krazy.

In 1982 they're still doing songs rather than compositions, and all of these songs are excellent. Their heaviness is sort of undercut by a youthful, spontaneous sense of garage-y fun and the eye-of-the-tiger urgency that'd drive them into 'compositions' and cross-genre acclaim. I love this EP heaps.



  1. 'Temporarily unavailable' according to mega. Is it dead or should I keep trying?

  2. lizard johnny jewelAugust 1, 2013 at 5:59 AM

    @Robster: the latter.