Nov 24, 2016

Transportin (2016)

From a region/mindset where The Jack Artist was and is still the blueprint, Transportin is a tapestry of melodramatic lush pitch-shifted r&b songs and themes compressed and ripped from daytime television, with weary vocals reverbed into the fabric of the song. An early 3-song run displays the scope of TransportinCross Yo Mind pulls a familiar regional trick (see also Jacka & Ampichino's No Tears) of recontextualising a soul song which speaks of romantic love gone awry, within gangsta storytelling (Mike and his friends asking why they've been forgotten- the inference goes from loved ones or past acquaintances who sit separate from his lifestyle to a system which blames and ignores, both met with a humbling do I ever cross your mind?), Tomorrow Ain't Promised is broken up with its southern spiritual chorus of mournful voices, and the muddy abstracted sub sounds sitting separate from the drum track of I Kno Its Still Some Real Niggas speak to an experimentation which is commonsense here, and unique everywhere else.

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