Dec 6, 2016

Too (2016)

The trend in electronic music towards material sound and sound sources has influenced everyone from The Body to Andy Stott and Tim Hecker this year, and Lewis' response is less vapory (as e.g. Hecker) or OPNy (as e.g. Stott), as it is tangible beats supplied to effectively guide us through suites of dark/ambiguous textures. For the most part Lewis highlights the conflict in this relationship by allowing the atmospheres to float away, never to be dominated or controlled by the rhythms. The album's final third heralded by Beaming changes things however, and sees the 'physical' win out. Beats are replaced by decayed tapes on that one while Try almost finds 000s Burial, and the finale uses echoing drums in a way that is less discordant, more deserved, and even hopeful.

mego / -o-spotify / boomkat / norman

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