Jan 31, 2012

Blondes - Touched

1. You Mean So Much To Me
2. Moondance
3. Spanish Fly
4. Paradise City
5. Virgin Pacific

Blondes is a dance duo out of Ohio with a sound that is rooted in the synth-heavy stye of Giorgio Moroder but with a dreamier, more layered sound. With a collection of vintage analogue equipment, Blondes improvise songs that build upon themselves, eventuating into a swirl of synth sounds that are euphoric yet grounded by heavy side-chained kicks - the first song, and my favourite, 'You Mean So Much To Me' is the best example of this. While they are certainly a throwback to 80s house music, Blondes interestingly sound very 'now' and fitting amongst contemporary chillwave or even witch house acts. At the same time, they avoid the popularity of dubstep drum structures or even the harsh synth sounds most modern dance seems to rely on. Check this out if you are intrigued by dance that is both suited to your headphones and house parties.

This release is OOP but if you enjoy it, they are releasing an album which can be purchased here.

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