Jan 29, 2012

Super - Soundtrack

1. Calling All Destroyers – Tsar

2. Two Perfect Moments – Tyler Bates
3. It Hurts Too Much – Eric Carmen
4. I Do – Lo-def Dollz
5. The Prayer – Tyler Bates
6. If You Want My Love – Cheap Trick
7. God Knows My Name ’11 – Moneybrother
8. Finger Of God – Tyler Bates
9. Holy Avenger’s Advice – Tyler Bates
10. Nobody Knows You Anymore – Terra Naomi
11. What It Was – Aceyalone
12. The Second Prayer – Tyler Bates
13. Born Under a Bad Sign – Moneybrother
14. Let Your Body Decide – The Ark
15. Libby Goes Down – Tyler Bates
16. Aftermath And Resolution – Tyler Bates
17. Sometimes Good Guys Don’t Wear White – The Nomads

This movie is so good and I like the soundtrack too. Tyler Bates knows what's up (obviously - Dawn of the Dead, 300, Watchmen etc.). Two Perfect Moments score is so bad ass in my opinion, bouncy and soft, nice poppy sound. Check out the movie if you want something that's like Kick Ass but edgier and without any watered down hollywood buzz.


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