Jan 25, 2012

Cap'n Jazz - Burritos, Inspiration Point, Fork Balloon Sports, Cards In The Spokes, Automatic Biographies, Kites, Kung Fu, Trophies, Banana Peels We've Slipped On and Egg Shells We've Tippy Toed Over (1994)

1. Little League 3:56
2. Oh Messy Life 2:02
3. Puddle Splashers 2:03
4. Flashpoint: Catheter 3:24
5. In The Clear 1:57
6. Yes, I Am Talking to You 2:36
7. Basil's Kite 2:36
8. Bluegrassish 1:08
9. Planet Shhh 2:59
10. The Sands Have Turned Purple 2:45
11. Precious 2:43
12. Que Suerte! 3:04

I'd be one of those assholes claiming that old school emo was actually awesome but I like My Chemical Romance too much to imply that they aren't awesome, but here's Cap'n Jazz's Schmap’n Schmazz any way.

Members from Cap'n Jazz went on to form American Football and numerous other important bands, and were very influential themselves. I'd call their sound 'jerky' but that'd make Bluegrassish's boys kissing boooooyyysss chorus sound even more funny 'cause handjobs are fucking hi-larious

They're insanely likeable, you'll certainly like Cap'n Jazz if you haven't heard them




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