Jan 24, 2012

Jo Armstead - A Stone Good Lover

This was posted a few days ago just before megaupload spazzed out and Max had to burn this blog to the ground. This should make everyone feel better. This is pop so good even if you feel like everyone is looking at you and judging you, you will still want to dance.

This is worth it just for the fantastic 'I Feel an Urge Coming On' - but then, it is worth it for everything else too. Now, Golden Classics seems like the kind of mediocre publisher or label or whatever that is actually detrimental to know something about, but like I said when I posted this the first time, I'm sure they never hurt anyone.

I wish Jo Armstead was more famous. She wrote most of her own songs, and did a lot for Ray Charles. Great voice, great vibe etc. Have a party and play this. More soul to come, so stay tuned I guess.

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