Jan 18, 2012

DJ Screw - Bigtyme Recordz Volume II: All Screwed Up (1995)

1. DJ Screw - Intro 1:00
2. UGK - Short Texas 4:33
3. Point Blank - Wreckless (feat. K-Rino) 4:00
4. UGK - Pregnant Pussy 4:39
5. Point Blank - After I Die 9:06
6. 20-2-Life & PSK-13 - Backstreets 7:31
7. UGK - Tell Me Something Good 6:43
8. 20-2-Life - Inside Looking Out 6:43
9. Point Blank - My Mind Went Blank 6:37
10. PSK-13 - 13 Ways 5:03
11. Point Blank - Straighten It Out 3:34
12. PSK-13 - Headin' Fo My Trunk 7:27
13. 20-2-Life - Da Music 6:51

DJ Screw spent his days chopping and screwing dirty south records for the consumption of purple drank. The originals, as you can imagine, are often that characteristic mix of chattery snares, quick MCing and hard as fuck lyricism. Slowed down, the drums become hypnotic, the rapping becomes deep and percussive, and each hard as fuck line gets to linger. Probably perfect for the consumption of codeine, people distanced philosophically, geographically and temporally from the Screwed Up Click have nonetheless been fascinated by this shit since Screw's death in 2000, and even moreso since guys like Main Attrakionz, A$AP Rocky and SpaceGhostPurrp started referencing that Houston sound within the last couple of years.

All Screwed Up is my favourite Screw tape. Inside Looking Out blew my mind one day and I couldn't stop listening to it and geeks gush over After I Die the same way they do One Day on Endonesia. For me, it's really the otherworldly sounds that I like it so much and not the highlighted existential angst.


Here you go:

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