Jan 15, 2012


When my computer somehow deleted all my soul (left all my white music for some reason. Racist machine) I collected some of my favourite stuff on youtube. I want to post a few of these videos because this is some of the best pop music ever recorded and must be shared. The youtube playlist I made for this is simply entitled "good" because I wanted to express through the title my opinion of the music.

This is one of my all time favourite songs. Listen to it more than once.


This song is so good but please ignore the bizarre picture that accompanies it

Another Lorraine Ellison. One of my favourite singers.

No idea when this was recorded, but I am going to guess 1964. I don't want to find out, because that year has now attained a kind of mystic significance. Note the 'lolz' in the web address.

This rules. I wish I knew more about this group.

Famous remix of a soul great. I wish it didn't cut out abruptly at the end. Can't really find a good version to download. I will hopefully post a Sisters Love album pretty soon.


  1. yeah... i'm preparing myself for some soul uploads.... great stuff

  2. Please please please upload some albums from this post. It would be amazing! Thank you!

  3. Put up the Sisters Love. Will re up the Jo Armstead pretty soon. Will trickle out the others over time. Hope you enjoy it all etc!