Jan 23, 2012

Pissed Jeans - King of Jeans (2009)

False Jesii Part 2
Half Idiot
Dream Smotherer 
Pleasure Race
She is Science Fiction
Request for Masseuse
Human Upskirt
Lip Ring
R-Rated Movie
Goodbye (Hair)

This is one of my favourite albums of the last couple years and probably ..ever. It is the second LP punk band Pissed Jeans released on Seattle's renowned Sub Pop label. Every song has it's own ... je ne sais quoi. Almost as if each has its own sub-genre. Request for Masseuse and Spent, for instance, have a sludge-ridden Melvins-esque feel where as Human Upskirt speeds up the pace with some Black Flag sounding riffs and the attitude to match. False Jesii Part 2 and Pleasure Race have a similar repetitive groove that if you can manage to stay still to you have to be tied down or something I swear.  

The whole album paints a picture of the bleak moments in the 20-something male suburbanite's life, including girl issues and not really giving a fuck about things. I want to talk about the fucktonnes of apathy but the songs are way too awesome to suggest any sort of depression, so I'll just say that some of the lyrics are dark. I hate having to say that.. The first song, False Jesii Part 2, Matt Kosloff continually suggests the normal activities he could go out and do, quickly followed with "but I don't bother!" e.g. telling jokes, going to gym.. and then a boyish yell "NYAH NYAH NYAH NRYAH RNYAH RYAH NYAH" follows. I'll go ahead and say it's my favourite song on the album. Hard choice though.


This is one of the best records I own, you should own it as well. White marble!!! Buy it from one of these guys. Or straight off the label!


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