Jan 24, 2012

Pelt - Empty Bell Ringing in the Sky (1999)

1. Ghosts are Never Forgiven
2. Empty Bell Ringing in the Sky No. 2
3. Empty Bell Ringing in the Sky No. 5
4. Ghost Galaxies

Is drone / experimental or whatever still cool? There is always a dingy bar in some city where painful bands will play on and on thinking that if they try to overwhelm you they will persuade you with the sheer force of their "soundscapes." Maybe that is why it is no longer cool in Auckland at least.

But you will always find a Pelt or La Monte Young to make you realise that there is actually an art to drone music. In the same way Duchamp and Picasso could paint in a pretty accomplished formal style, the members of Pelt bring a certain formal skill to this cold butterscotch aural drenching. These lads can play. Jack Rose is dead though, goddammit.

Max: I am free this week, let's listen to drone with Belgian beer as a way to toast the continuation of your blog.


  1. I rather enjoyed your descriptions on this. Where do you take inspiration from?

  2. Everywhere man! Thanks though / sorry I couldn't be more specific. I like Robert Graves a lot, but he would hate this writing.

  3. No worries, and thanks, I'll take the recommendation regardless!

  4. You would do better with Kurt Vonnegut maybe? Guy one of my favourites and died on my 18th Birthday. Pretty cool and pretty sad.

  5. I've read Cat's Cradle and part of Slaughterhouse-Five. I liked Cat's Cradle a lot, and I would have continued to read SH5 if I didn't leave it behind somewhere. I've actually been meaning to get back to reading his work, so thanks for the reminder.