Feb 22, 2012

Matsuri - Endship

Matsuri is a screamo (/skramz lolz) band from California. It's always hard to describe bands like this without sounding like an asshole, but they make some of the most passionate and spirited music I have ever heard. Combining 90s screamo/emo and post-rock sounds in a thoughtful and innovative way, Matsuri has put together one of my favourite full-lengths. Totally underrated, DIY-as-fuck - unfortunately these guys broke up recently, but we are left with Endship and some other great records.

open your chest / breathe out your soul / cling to your lungs / love what you hold


  1. hey, I love this blog!
    was wondering if you guys have any of the old stuff archived? an old post (used to be found here: http://idontcareaboutsleep.blogspot.com/2009/09/pop.html) had all these great pop albums on it (Cowboy In Sweden, Paris 1919, Something Else by The Kinks, Scott 4, Mareke), but I only got through about half of them, really wanted to check the rest out but can't find it anywhere!

  2. Hey man all our links died when they killed Megaupload, but I can re-post all those albums I can use the internet again

  3. oh I figured as much. I've got those albums that I mentioned but I was after the other albums on the list - the ones that I don't remember hah.

  4. What I'm asking is if anyone would have a saved copy of that particular post from the old site here http://idontcareaboutsleep.blogspot.com/2009/09/pop.html. It was a really great article, I would love for it to be re-upped.