Feb 21, 2012

Meco - Star Wars and Other Galactic Funk (1977)

'Music inspired by Star Wars and Other Galactic Funk' was a huge success when the original Star Wars movies came out (disco era etc). I found the record in a small store in Wainuiomata called Wonderland Records, the place is so sick... Anyway this record has all the awesomest sounds ever from the movie including lasers, lightsaber wobs, R2-D2 beeps, the song the Cantina Band plays inside the club in tatooine, the classic scores you know and love and tonnes of cool shit. The whole record makes me wish I lived in the disco days so I could've jammed out to this in the club instead of whatever rubbish they play in them these days! I don't see any way that this could have gotten better.

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