Feb 8, 2012

Nature and Organisation - Beauty Reaps the Blood of Solitude

1. Introduction 2:54
2. Wicker Man Song 4:33
3. Blood of Solitude I 1:17
4. Bloodstreamruns 4:38
5. My Black Diary 5:26
6. Tears for an Eastern Girl 5:41
7. Beauty Destroyed 1:34
8. Skeletontonguedworld 3:01
9. Obsession Flowers as Torture 1:51
10. Blood of Solitude II 1:52
11. Bonewhiteglory 9:46

The best Current 93 album in my opinion- dark arrangements courtesy of Michael Cashmore going from blissful and moving (Blood of Solitude I) to unfortunately banal industrial fragments (Obsession Flowers as Torture)

I don't care for the Douglas P. song (My Black Diary) or any of the short industrial ones, but Beauty Reaps the Blood of Solitude features some of Tibet's most moving vocal efforts over some of the lushest folk you're likely to hear



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