Feb 8, 2012

The Replacements - Tim (1995)

1. Hold My Life 4:21
2. I'll Buy 3:25
3. Kiss Me on the Bus 2:54
4. Dose of Thunder 2:19
5. Waitress in the Sky 2:02
6. Swingin' Party 3:51
7. Bastards of Young 3:38
8. Lay It Down Clown 2:24
9. Left of the Dial 3:44
10. Little Mascara 3:36
11. Here Comes a Regular 4:45

Highly acclaimed at the time of its release, Tim is now often believed to be inferior to the classic Let it BeLet it Be had the band mastering their diverse influences for the first time. Tim is just as diverse in its sound, but with 11 totally new and different sounding songs.

The main difference I find when listening is that Let it Be has 2-3 songs that aren't beat anywhere on Tim. And that the awesomely catchy Waitress in the Sky is strangely misogynistic seeming coming from a band that wrote Androgynous. On the other hand, there's no wasted space on Tim as there is on Let it Be. I'd never want to skip a song.

O yea, there's Here Comes a Regular probably one of the most moving singer-songwriter-y songs of all time.



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