Mar 23, 2012

Harvey Milk - Courtesy and Good Will Toward Men (1996)

1. Pinnochio's Example 10:28
2. Brown Water 8:57
3. Plastic Eggs 6:28
4. My Broken Heart Will Never Mend 10:43
5. I Feel Miserable 3:48
6. The Lord's Prayer 3:14
7. Sunshine (No Sun) Into the Sun 7:21
8. Go Back to France 3:04
9. A Good Thing Gone 3:55
10. One of Us Cannot Be Wrong (Cohen) 5:16
11. The Boy With Bosoms 6:59

I promised the last time I posted this that it would be the last time 'cause the cd finally arrived so I FLAC'd it for everyone, but then all our links died (woohoo), and I'm putting up essential stuff today 'cause it's nice to have that around

Harvey Milk are the greatest band in the world, and Courtesy and Good Will Toward Men is their best album. It's sludge but not like you'd expect when you think about Melvins or Eyehategod, and it's doom but not like you'd expect either. There's KISS in there and there's Leonard Cohen but Harvey Milk aren't one of those corny avant-garde metal bands who skip between different influences to cover them all- Harvey Milk have a distinct sound unifying everything instead. Creston Spiers has a voice that makes your stomach and throat hurt just hearing it, and the band play confusing, heavy riffs that wander around and die eventually. It's corny to say, but Courtesy is an emotionally exhausting listen because it's heart-rendingly drunken, angry, and depressed, as well as being disorienting, loud, and extremely heavy

One of a kind sound, you don't really know to recommend it to fans of Melvins, Eyehategod, and Boris, because it's going for something so totally different


support them you cheap bastard

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