Mar 23, 2012

Scarface - The Fix (2002)

1. The Fix 0:57
2. Safe 3:56
3. In Cold Blood 3:21
4. Guess Who's Back (feat. Jay-Z & Beanie Sigel) 4:15
5. On My Block 3:34
6. Keep Me Down 3:32
7. What Can I Do? (feat. Kelly Price) 4:06
8. In Between Us (feat. Nas & Tanya Herron) 4:58
9. Someday (feat. Faith Evans) 6:00
10. Sellout 4:10
11. Heaven (feat. Kelly Price) 3:14
12. I Ain't The One (feat. W.C. & Tanya Herron) 4:11
13. Fixed 1:02

As far as Scarface's albums are concerned, it's hipper to like The Diary because it's so impressively dark, but there's a bunch of fans who stand by The Fix as Scarface's best

Comparing them would be strange- they were released 8 years apart and rap is one of those great genres that moves and changes so quickly that a two year's difference is crucial (Late Registration ----> Graduation, for example), and 8 years is almost an entirely new artist despite being the same guy

Features excellent production from guys like Kanye West keeping things lively and clear and colourful, good guest stars, and Scarface not disappointing lyrically or vocally (it's that mix of baritone and vivid imagery we love him for), The Fix is one of the great 2000s rap albums for staying distinctly Scarface (heavy southern rap) while moving into a more modern sound



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