Mar 23, 2012

Three Six Mafia - Underground vol. 1 (1991-1994)

1. Ridin' da Chevy 6:02
2. Niggaz Ain't Barin' Dat 6:12
3. Charging These Hoes 3:27
4. Now I'm High, Really High 4:21
5. Juicy J - Sucks on Dick 2:44
6. Playa Hataz 3:38
7. Paul, With da 45 4:59
8. Lord Infamous - Where da Bud At 4:29
9. Mask and da Glock 3:42
10. Don't Be Scared 3:14
11. Juicy J - Time for da Juice Mane 2:44
12. Walk Up to Your House 3:50
13. Yeah, They Done Fucked Up 4:14
14. Talk Ya Ass Off 5:04
15. Fuck All Dem Hoes 3:35

The more sinister side of the south compared to Scarface's violent but also spiritual, gentlemanly, conscious persona, early Triple Six Mafia delight in inciting as much chaos as possible through copious amounts of weed smoke and horrorcore murder fantasies

What was probably straight gangsta at the time of its release is now being re-evaluated and praised for its repetition, creativity, otherworldly ambience, and lo-fi sensibilities

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