Mar 8, 2012

V/A - Waiting to Exhale (1995)

1. Whitney Houston - Exhale (Shoop Shoop) 3:25
2. Whitney Houston - Why Does It Hurt So Bad 4:37
3. Toni Braxton - Let It Flow 4:27
4. Aretha Franklin - It Hurts Like Hell 4:18
5. Brandy - Sittin' Up in My Room 4:52
6. TLC - This Is How It Works 5:00
7. Mary J. Blige - Not Gon' Cry 4:58
8. Chaka Khan - My Funny Valentine 4:06
9. Sonja Marie - And I Gave My Love to You 4:48
10. SWV - All Night Long 4:31
11. Chanté Moore - Wey U 4:32
12. Patti LaBelle - My Love, Sweet Love 4:21
13. Faith Evans - Kissing You 3:23
14. For Real - Love Will Be Waiting at Home 5:59
15. Shana - How Could You Call Her Baby 5:09
16. Whitney Houston and Cece Winans - Count on Me 4:26

This is gonna be the start of a thing where we all post our favourite soundtracks

I thought I'd start it with Waiting to Exhale. The film is famous for featuring an all African American cast, but the soundtrack is much more highly regarded than the film

Babyface wrote every song except for My Funny Valentine and then picked all the best singers of the day to sing them. Highlights include Whitney Houston's Exhale (Shoop Shoop) and Brandy's Sittin' Up in My Room

The link below isn't mine, but I've checked it and it's legit. Unfortunately I'm losing my internet collection whenever I try to download or upload anything



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  1. i remember hearing most of the songs here on the radio when the soundtrack came out. 1995. didn't get to appreciate the quality then cuz i was into grunge or post-grunge...anyway, this is just awesome...thanks for the share max!