Apr 27, 2012

Bn Ivr (2011)

"He's a fucking genius. I'd never seen nor heard of him in my life, and I looked up, and I was in a fucking 5-by-5 room with a white guy, smoking weed . . . and his voice is like something I've never heard, and he's using words that are far from common. Within 20 minutes, I realized why Kanye had him there."
-Rick Ross

I thought there was no way I'd ever like this album. To those not sold on it, this description will probably only worsen its case, but I admire the shit out of it because it blends some of the most self-indulgent indie music I've ever heard with white collar dinner party sophisto-pop, and in the end manages to sound really good

In retrospect I see that it is one of last year's best albums



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