Apr 27, 2012

Young Lay - Black 'n Dangerous (1996)

1. Sic Set 4:36
2. On Da Dick 3:37
3. Twisted 2:27
4. Livin' in Da Funk 3:39
5. Got 2 Survive (feat. 2Pac, Mac Mall & Ray Luv) 4:24
6. Ruthless Adolescent 4:33
7. Playah's Mode 4:24
8. Black 'N Dangerous 3:50
9. Stickin' 2 Da Grind 4:30
10. All About My $Fetti (feat. Mac Mall & Ray Luv) 8:31
11. Lawd Have Mercy 4:37
12. Puff Puff Pass 4:29
13. Playah's Mode (Remix) 5:24

Considered a west coast classic mainly because of Khayree's legendary production. Young Lay would be a much bigger name if he'd managed to make a few more albums, but the poor guy has one of rap's most tragic life stories (he got shot in the head, his girlfriend got murdered and his child got kidnapped and his house got burnt down) so we're left with Black 'n Dangerous, a creative and consistent album which unfortunately stands as Lay's only real statement as amazing as it is


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