Apr 7, 2012

Dr. Dooom - First Come, First Served (1999)

1. Who Killed Dr. Octagon? (Intro) 0:37 
2. No Chorus 2:26 
3. Apartment 223 4:54 
4. Mr. Ratt (Skit) 0:43 
5. Neighbours Next Door (feat. Jacky Jasper) 3:57 
6. I Run Rap 4:21 
7. You Live at Home with Your Mom 4:00 
8. Housing Authority (feat. Motion Man) 4:18 
9. Wild Kingdom (Skit) 0:23 
10. Welfare Love 3:44 
11. Dr. Dooom's in the Room 4:32 
12. Call the Cops (feat. Jacky Jasper) 4:16 
13. Brothers Feel Fly 3:52 
14. Side Line 4:23 
15. Bitch Gets No Love 2:58 
16. Shopping List (Skit) 0:22 
17. Body Bag 3:32 
18. Mental Case 3:48 
19. Leave Me Alone 5:03 
20. Live 9:13

The first time I listened to this I hated it. I was really into Dr. Octagon and probably thought this was too much or something. He kills off Dr. Octagon in the first track which is like his indie cred. Then on a later track he starts dissing backpacks (emphasizing that point again). The cover is intentionally ghetto and so is the whole album.

Disturbingly graphic and surreal, Kool Keith's insane staccato flow somehow manages to do effective storytelling rather than just confusing and provoking admiration from the listener. The beats have sadly aged not quite as well as Keith's MCing

An important horrorcore album and also just an awesome rap album. Too many quotable lines and delivery like no one else, not even Keith after 1999. Sometimes makes you feel sick and sad- people actually believed him when he said he broke out of a mental hospital

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  1. to download this album legally goto http://koolkeith.bandcamp.com/album/first-come-first-served