Apr 8, 2012

Envy - A Dead Sinking Story

1. Chain Wandering Deeply
2. Distress of Ignorance
3. Evidence
4. Color of Fetters
5. Unrepairable Gentleness
6. Go Mad and Mark
7. A Conviction that Speeds
8. Reasons and Oblivion
9. A Will Remains in the Ashes

Envy is a Japanese screamo band that includes elements of post rock and hardcore punk. Envy's sound is crushingly heavy and hopeless - emphasised by their low-key, melodic and beautiful passages. A Dead Sinking Story is their best album, released in 2003 and defining a style that was subsequently mimicked by the west. Nevertheless, nothing quite compares to Envy's grapple on the sound, complimented by the character of Japanese vocals - sometimes screamed, other times spoken. Simply one of the most passionate and well-crafted albums ever, any fan of heavy music should listen to this.

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