Apr 18, 2012

Krt Vle - Smk Rng Fr Hlo (2011)

2011's best album and the best album of its kind since I dunno 2003 or something (probably, but I bet I like this more)

Anti-social poetry of the highest kind
If it ain’t workin’, take a whiz on the world
An entire nation drinkin’ from a dirty cup
My best friend’s long gone, but I got runner ups
(Runner Ups
I wanna write my whole life down
Burn it there to the ground
(On Tour
I don't want to work but I don't want to sit around all day frowning
(Peeping Tomboy)
 And then there's the songs which are simultaneously lo-fi, lush, layered, and deep. And Vile's voice which is modeled on J. Mascis going Springsteen instead of Neil Young. Or something like that



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  1. Head agrees. Best album of 2011 and the last few years. Derp