Apr 18, 2012

Z-Ro - I'm Still Livin' (2006)

1. City Streets 5:27
2. Continue 2 Roll (feat. Tanya Herron) 3:33
3. T.H.U.G. (True Hero Under God) 3:44
4. One Deep 4:22
5. M16 (feat. P.O.P. & Trae) 4:32
6. Remember Me (feat. Bun B & P.O.P.) 4:12
7. Keep On 3:49
8. What's Going On? 3:38
9. Let the Truth Be Told (feat. Lil' Keke) 3:48
10. Man Cry 4:30
11. No More Pain 3:24
12. Still Livin' (feat. H.A.W.K. & Trae) 3:57
13. Homie, Lover, Friend 3:56
14. Love Ain't Live 4:05
15. Battlefield (feat. Tanya Herron) 4:20

A polarizing album- I'm Still Livin' is Z-Ro at his best lyrically, but with some of the corniest beats he's ever rapped on. Often fans get over that and in fact begin to enjoy them in all their corniness as they listen to the album more and more. Of course some are just confused and wonder why the southern rap legend didn't just pick better ones.


Making Spandau Ballet gangsta since 06


'Cept I'm one of those stockholm syndrome fans who came out loving the corny songs in particular


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