May 10, 2012

Compton's Most Wanted - Music to Driveby (1992)

1. Intro 0:20
2. Hit the Floor 1:49
3. Hood Took Me Under 3:39
4. Jack Mode 3:17
5. Compton 4 Life 3:17
6. 8 Iz Enough 2:48
7. Duck Sick II 3:44
8. Dead Men Tell No Lies 3:40
9. N 2 Deep (feat. Scarface) 3:51
10. Who's Fucking Who? 1:47
11. This Is a Gang 3:37
12. Hoodrat 3:55
13. Niggaz Strugglin 3:32
14. I Gots Ta Get Over 3:37
15. U's a Bitch 3:42
16. Another Victim 3:51
17. Def Wish II 3:31
18. Music to Driveby 3:30

G-funk classic with excellent pre-Chronic production and as expected from a group lead by MC Eiht, nihilistic Compton gangsta storytelling delivered simply but effectively and with heaps of charisma. The degree to which the listener will enjoy the album will probably depend on how much they like MC Eiht- those who just like the album often find his lyrics and rapping pale in comparison to contemporaries like Ice Cube, Scarface, or Nas, but still acknowledge how good the beats are. Some will probably think this shit's too ignorant, and some like the guy quite a lot so think the amazing selection of beats just push Music to Driveby into 'classic' material. I think it's real good and I'm not sure why you'd compare MC Eiht to Cube, Scarface, or Nas when he's going for something so different



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