May 10, 2012

Neil Young - Weld (1991)

1.1 Hey Hey, My My (Into the Black) 5:42
1.2 Crime in the City 6:32
1.3 Blowin' in the Wind 6:49
1.4 Welfare Mothers 7:04
1.5 Love to Burn 10:01
1.6 Cinnamon Girl 4:45
1.7 Mansion on the Hill 6:14
1.8 F*!#in' Up 7:09
2.1 Cortez the Killer 9:46
2.2 Powderfinger 5:58
2.3 Love and Only Love 9:17
2.4 Rockin' in the Free World 9:22
2.5 Like a Hurricane 14:00
2.6 Farmer John 5:00
2.7 Tonight's the Night 8:45
2.8 Roll Another Number 5:19

Returning to prominence having been acknowledged by hip alt acts (The Bridge: A Tribute to Neil Young) and even declared the godfather of grunge, Young reintroduced himself to the world with Ragged Glory in 1990 which rocked real hard in a fairly straightforward sort of way, and then decided to follow it up or promote it with the less straightforward double disc live epic Weld, the mixing for which allegedly permanently damaged his hearing, and I dunno about that, or the godfather of grunge title, but man, Weld is so fucking heavy that I'm willing to believe it for a little bit (not the godfather part tho)

not because he's an ace improviser, though he can amaze you, but because his edges cut conceptually, rough where blooze and punk and garage jokers settle for ragged
-Robert Christgau

Everybody probably wants to be able to play guitar like this and as we all know, the songs are really good too

Neil Young live 'cause he's never sounded this heavy in the studio, and so it's what you need from a live album


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