May 30, 2012

The Gordons - 1st Album and Future Shock EP (2002)

1. Spik and Span 5:00
2. Right on Time 8:50
3. Coalminer's Song 5:41
4. Sometimes 3:58
5. I Just Can't Stop 2:33
6. Growing Up 9:33
7. Laughing Now 4:06
8. Future Shock 4:56
9. Machine Song 3:27
10. Adults and Children 2:14

The Gordons played noise rock scarily forward-thinking for not only their musical isolation from the rest of the world (apparently it was hard to find even remotely alternative records in New Zealand up until the mid 90s so creating this kind of shit without any point of reference is just ridiculous), but their era- the last three tracks coming from a 1980 release.

This compilation has on it their first album (1981) and their Future Shock EP (1980). The Gordons has everything you could want from a noise rock album, with repetitive rhythms keeping things together, awesome riffs, and some of the most creative guitar work you'll ever hear. It's impressively melodic and jangly but also heavy and ear-bleedy- the sorts of opposites that other bands would play into with shoegaze, and The Gordons really focused on with Bailter Space years later. As good as The Gordons is, Future Shock is the reason most people get excited about the band. Less about big repetitive grooves with layers of guitar torture being improvised over the top as with The Gordons, and more quick tempo ear-splitting punk rock sounding like Wipers-y instrumentation and alienation meets something from the much celebrated no wave scene, but, you know, they couldn't've heard any of that shit and so they sound all the better for it



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