May 29, 2012

Jim Ford - Harlan County (1969)

1. Harlan Co.
2. Love on My Brain
3. Changin' Color's
4. Spoonfull
5. Dr. Handy
6. To Make My Life Beautiful
7. Workin My Way to L.A.
8. Long Rd Ahead
9. I'm Gonna Make Her Love Me
10. Under Construction

Loved by Nick Lowe and others appreciating its effortless enthusiasm, catchiness, and eccentricity, forgotten by more and maybe never liked by critics any way- Jim Ford was a versatile song-writer and performer who aped his influences convincingly (to the point I was gonna write he was obviously inspired by Allen Toussaint's 1972 masterpiece until I noticed the year this was released), never bettering them, and released Harlan County which is essential for fans of Waylon Jennings, Allen Toussaint, Van Morrison, or actually anyone who fits into any one of the genres I've listed under labels- and doesn't really give a shit whether an album's influential or canon or whatever


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