Jun 14, 2012

Alice Donut - Bucketfulls of Sickness and Horror in an Otherwise Meaningless Life (1989)

1. Lydia's Black Lung 2:48
2. Testosterone Gone Wild 2:24
3. Sinéad O'Connor on T.V. 1:34
4. Dorothy 4:29
5. Sky of Bones 4:50
6. Egg 3:37
7. Consumer Decency 2:34
8. My Life Is a Mediocre Piece of Shit 4:13
9. Incinerator Heart 1:30
10. Bucket, Forks, Pock 3:38
11. Demonologist 3:14

Punks with the good sense to look at everything The Butthole Surfers did and then conclude that a punk could and should listen to Frank Zappa and Captain Beefheart not only for their strange instrumental turns, but also for their shitty jokes- Alice Donut have a good sense of humour and critical eye (Sinead O'Connor on TV is not what you'd expect)- but they aren't just punx gone avant-tard (there's enough of that!)- there's also the bizarro Morrissey jokes/observations (at least it's not all husky piss, right?) and fun hooks of whatever punk band they also listen to from the era where punks simplified pop, so that with the avant-ness is bratty power pop punk rock gone weird- making one wonder why they weren't more popular when maybe it's just my imagination, but didn't a whole heap of 1990s alternative rock bands try to do just that?



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