Jun 14, 2012

Bryan Loren - Lollipop Luv (1996)

1. Lollipop Luv
2. Easier Said Than Done
3. For Tonight
4. Complications
5. Do You Really Love Me
6. Falling In Love
7. Stay With Me
8. Take All Of Me

I was all HOW THE FUCK WAS THIS RELEASED IN 1996 LOOK AT THIS GUY ALSO LISTEN TO THE SOFT-PRINCE-FUNK ON THIS THING and then realized that Bryan Loren was released in 1984 then re-released as Lollipop Luv in 1996 so it's not a record made by these dudes with Jheri Curls who got sent into space in the 80s and forgot everything except food, water, and their Prince tapes so were in some weird musical/historical/cultural vacuum where they didn't know that MJ turned into a white guy or that Prince was now an unpronounceable symbol....

Yeah, reality is stranger but I'd love this even more if it was legitimately spaceman vacuum funk. When I called it soft-prince,funk, I just mean it's sweet poppy funk that doesn't throw anything unusual or experimental into the mix (as Prince frequently would). Straightforward, but really well written and performed so straightforward isn't an insult at all. In fact, the simplicity is the reason I like it so much


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