Jun 22, 2012

Boredoms - Rebore vol. 0: Vision Recreation by Eye (2001)

1. 7 8:40
2. 77 6:31
3. 777 7:27
4. 7777 8:42
5. 77777 4:46
6. 777777 7:26
7. 7777777 6:54


Eye's polarizing re-working of the band's classic Vision Creation Newsun. I'm not gonna argue that it's better, but sometimes I like it more. The celebrated drum workout of the original becomes electronic in these remixes, and I prefer them as a 2000s Neu! any way. This way it's like they could show other artists relying on repetition (electronically or otherwise) a thing or two about their craft. Critics point out that the live energy of Vision Creation Newsun vanishes when remixed, and I guess I can't argue with the fact that it no longer sounds live or energetic in any organic sense, but how could it? If you don't mind your music electronic, you'll probably enjoy this. Knowing it's a guy cutting up originals and reworking them really doesn't spoil the magic for me. In fact, listening to the quasi-world cut+paste of 7 in the sun is one of my favourite pastimes. And the baby noises in 77777 make me go awwwwwww!

Then again, I was hooked on this ages ago when I sat around the house for 4 months playing WoW and only eating carrots so I wouldn't put on weight. So if my opinion isn't skewed because of THOSE SWEET TIMES, it'd be a damn miracle


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