Jun 22, 2012

Night Moves (1976)

I came to the conclusion today that I like Bob Seger more than Aerosmith. I KNOW RIGHT, CRAZY

You don't care! Neither do I, really! Rocks is still great. Seger was always the whore I visited on my way back from a Springsteen binge. But now I'm starting to like him a lot. Probably not marriage material 'cause I don't wanna break up w Bruce, but I'm REALLY liking this record. Or at least I'm starting to see it for its own merits. It's safe, potentially boringly so. But his band can ROCK when they want to, albeit safely, and things never turn out boring. And Seger's lyrical introspection/nostalgia/blue-collar-heroism/realism: Worrying about your credit rating--now that's what I call rock and roll realism (Robert Christgau) repeatedly brings to mind Springsteen, but I guess he never put a copyright on every-man rock and roll and Seger's sincerity sells it to me any way.


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