Jun 30, 2012

Clipse - Til The Casket Drops (2009)

Tony doing time for what he did to nostrils

I attribute the general belief that Til The Casket Drops is anything less than good to the written opinion of various critics and taste-makers who wanted a return to Hell Hath No Fury's hushed nihilism, but instead got a dope ass pop rap album and didn't know what to do with it. I buy it when Pusha raps the clear conscience of Pusha is long overdue and later Malice: life is with your kids watching Madagascar. I buy the way they break from detached, icy flows, and do it over decidedly big and human beats. I like the way their apathetic keys open doors mantra can either be taken as social critique a la Jay-Z, or something more saccharine, on top of what it meant back in 2006.

All that gets an 8/10. Production, lyrics, consistency, all good.

As an aside, some mention needs to be made of Yeezy's verse on Kinda Like A Big Deal. Is the part where he raps about his pyjamas and then goes on to call himself "the black Marshall meets Jay" funnier, or the part where he boasts about getting head from a retarded girl? I know he thinks he's the best and if he truly was the black Marshall meets Jay, that'd be fact (they're my favs!), but mention of pyjamas and premature ejaculation kinda seem at odds with what he's saying! I guess all that just makes it even cooler that their next collaboration would be the douchebag-off in 2010's epic Runaway.



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