Jun 30, 2012

Mac Dre & Mac Mall - Da U.S. Open (2005)

I can't get enough of Mac Dre's oddball shit and when it all gets too much, Mac Mall straight kills it on songs like Cuddies Say Yee. The beats are fairly unmoving: minimal and sometimes catchy or dark, for every They Ask For It, there's a Giggin'. For no clear reason, I think of Da U.S. Open as an absurd take on records like Paid tha Cost to Be da Boss which were already getting rid of the 90s gangsta nostalgia for the sake of something self-contained, laid-back, and satisfied. Maybe it's because of the cover (YOU GUYS DON'T PLAY TENNIS!) which is some joke I can't understand, or the fact that around 2005 I was getting into rap again thanks to the surrealist west coast that was San Andreas. I dunno. It'll never make sense. But neither will this album. For every normal bit, it all just manages to seem more appealingly eccentric.



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