Jun 3, 2012

Dinosaur Jr. - You're Living All Over Me (1987)

Not that I need to sell this album or anything- everybody's been through or will go through a Dinosaur Jr. phase because they just make so much sense sometimes

Important in the history of US alternative music- Dinosaur Jr. loved melody and appreciated musicianship and were the non-shit side of Neil Young worship 'cause their solos were just as weird and their riffs were almost as heavy. On top of that, J. Mascis sounded like he tried even harder to hit the notes that his voice wouldn't let him than Stephen Malkmus (maybe). Springsteen worship got The Replacements where they needed to go and Neil Young seemed to be working for Husker Du, Pixies, and Dinosaur Jr. before Pearl Jam came along and made anything and everything sound bland and unbearable, but whatever, things got interesting when punks got sick of reactionary alternativism and embraced the good parts of the mainstream 'cause here we have Neil Young's riffs mutilated by lazy stoned dudes in a blender of punk, metal, and other weird shit (cheers Lou)



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