Jun 30, 2012

F-Minus - Wake Up Screaming

F-Minus. One of the few jems that ever came from Hellcat Records. Excluding Leftover Crack and Choking Victim (they hated Hellcat so much they can't really be considered apart of the roster), F-Minus were the only band on their roster that had any value. So their first album "Suburban Blight" was really short, I think it was 23 mins with 19 or 20 songs.... I still remember listening to the whole album in my friends car. I thought it was some old 80/90's classic cause all his modern punk records were mostly poor lazy imitations with even poorer song writing. But nah, they were current and they sounded surprisingly  fresh, which is really something for a genre like hardcore. Anyway, I got this record a while later and I grew to like this one better. The songs are longer, some slower, they got Steve Albini to record the album. I don't think they're that popular, which is a shame cause their audience ought not to be relegated just for those dumb punks with their shitty clothes and disgusting DISGUSTING hair.



  1. Superior post. Top, top post. F-Minus were the tits in my humble o. This and Suburban Blight are still on my player years on.

    You hear traces of all the best North American punk heritage in their sound, but as you say still sounds totally fresh. Not usually too obvious -- DOA, Adolescents, that kind of thing.

    Until I heard this, I had abandoned hope of ever again hearing great hardcore made by people who are not complete metal heads. Great intros, great dynamics, great riffs, great vocals (male and female, often trading lines, they know how to *end* a song as well. There is nothing wrong with any of it.

    I even like their stuff from before SB, but WUS and SB just kill.

    "Capitalist vultures circle"
    yeah, still.

  2. Yo, and if anyone else like this and knows of anything as good from after about 1995 I'd like to hear it! So drop a note and I'll look it up.