Jul 1, 2012

Jay (2001)

Big challenge to issues of age and relevancy prevalent in rap- effortless kingpin enlists visionary up-and-comer producer for the second time, this time giving him more time so he can do the best tracks. And man are they good. And man is he effortless! And man did those beats change millennium rap...

Issues arise over how damn effortless he is and how best rapper alive claims seem ill-suited to such complacency when previous contenders were I dunno hungrier. More hungry. But he doesn't give a shit about contenders- the only living ones would be Nas and Em. The former he's cocky enough to diss on Takeover, the latter, he's unconcerned enough to let murder him on his own track. And that one's my favourite. A smart-ass-off where the two best in the game analyze their own shit. An epic five minutes that no one involved in seems to know or care how important it will be. Sorta like Jay over Ye's beats before that had to be a statement

But if there had to be a statement it'd be: he owns you all. Whether or not you think he's the best, he'll make you believe it for the 46 minutes before Renegade, and even then the jury's still out



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