Jun 18, 2012

Kool G Rap & DJ Polo - Live and Let Die (1992)

1. Intro 0:40
2. On the Run 4:40
3. Live and Let Die 5:16
4. Crime Pays 2:17
5. Home Sweet Home 2:37
6. Train Robbery 4:13
7. No. 1 With a Bullet (feat. Big Daddy Kane) 2:36
8. Operation CB 4:28
9. Straight Jacket 3:11
10. Ill Street Blues 3:46
11. Go for Your Guns 4:37
12. Letters 3:40
13. 'Nuff Said 2:47
14. Edge of Sanity 5:12
15. Fuck U Man 4:01
16. Still Wanted Dead or Alive 3:24
17. Two to the Head (feat. Bushwick Bill, Ice Cube & Scarface)

HARDCORE SHIT- look at the cover and you see two dudes with nooses 'round their necks standing on chairs tied to rottweilers as two evil dudes taunt them (that's Kool G Rap and DJ Polo, the two guys you'll be following for the next hour) with raw meat so when the dogs move, the dudes die

Whereas 4, 5, 6 would have G Rap displaying ridiculous charisma and punchlines and multisyllabic rhymes for a few different subjects, Live and Let Die is just straight hardcore- he has the commanding voice of Scarface and Cube as well as the sick imagination of Bushwick (all of whom appear on Two to the Head), so no matter how funky things get (and they do get funky), Live and Let Die is hardcore in every sense- from horrorcore narratives to organized crime, it's post-NWA and post-Geto Boys hardcore ghetto insanity which takes the joke and runs with it 'til, thanks to the duo's intelligence and skill, it's arguably even better. Whether the joke is strictly homage (in which case it's not only artistic but sociopolitical) or something more sinister, it's HARDCORE at it's most HARDCORE and the east coast's best rapper (arguably, of course) at his violent best




  1. "Damn, why your face all sweaty?"

    "On the Run" put my brains on the sidewalk back when I first heard it.

  2. It seems like the first track (an introduction) is missing from this. I don't particularly care, just throwing that out there.

    1. damn! keeps happening! i'll get it and put it up