Jun 16, 2012

Ry Cooder - Paris, Texas (1989)

1. Paris, Texas 2:57
2. Brothers 2:07
3. Nothing Out There 1:35
4. Canción Mixteca 4:17
5. No Safety Zone 1:55
6. Houston in Two Seconds 2:07
7. She's Leaving the Bank 6:02
8. On the Couch 1:32
9. I Knew These People 8:43
10. Dark Was the Night 2:52

Last one for the night! That feeling when you click that one of your favourite movies (top 5, I think!) has an incredible soundtrack

Based on Dark Was the Night, Cold Was the Ground by Blind Willie Johnson, Cooder's acoustic score I dunno feels around (Nothing Out There), sometimes finding something (Canción Mixteca) and when it does so still feels because the lost pieces are moving and the movie is just so sad. I think if I found it without having seen the movie I'd still love it because it just conveys all that, although the spoken part (I Knew These People) would probably confuse me. The movie's cool 'cause everything's aimless and inconsequential for a while and then it's nostalgic but then it looks underneath that confused nostalgia and the whole thing unravels into a mess. I saw it when I was real young and didn't get slow films but I still found it moving! Although melodies come together and it feels like there's a purpose for a bit, you can sense things unravelling a few tracks in but it's still sad when it does that and it makes you glare at the nice songs like they lied to you- Canción Mixteca makes me kinda sad now. Also I like having the spoken part 'cause it's one of my favourite movie scenes ever

I love this record but man it bums me out




  1. Not that it comes as any surprise to me that someone else feels so, but Paris, Texas is definitely in my top 5 as well.

    I met Harry Dean Stanton 20 years ago in LA and bought him a stinger (you may already know that it's a funky old school cocktail)

    He was absolutely the nicest guy

    Thank you for the great work you do on your site

    1. great film, nice story, you're welcome! i really liked him in repo man