Jun 13, 2012

The Chills - Kaleidoscope World (1986)

For all that I love The Chills' REM BUT NOT releases (Submarine Bells), I get bored like I do with other similar albums (Ocean Rain) about half way through, probably 'cause those heavenly/melancholy soundscapes eventually sound the same- not bad, but the same

And that's where I start loving collections like Kaleidoscope World- at almost twice the length of one of those REM BUT NOT albums (don't worry, I know who came first!), my attention is maintained (typing this as I start playing AC/DC 9 tracks in) because there's no focus on SCOPE, just writing the perfect 1-4 minute pop song. Pulled together from b-sides, EPs, and odd compilations, Kaleidoscope World is 18 tracks of perfect 1-4 minute pop songs. There's no continuity- every song is its own little story/idea/melody/lyric, and in my opinion a band like The Chills benefit from writing songs in such a way 'cause MAN I find the album-albums boring. They were obviously really going for their own thing 'cause not much sounds like them, so lazy music writers will say SYD BARRETT and the band probably dig Syd 'cause they're weird and also in love with pop (can't say that enough)

I recommend getting the whole thing (and also buying it (FLYING NUN)), even if the only reason you're here is Pink Frost- a rare 1-4 minute moment in pop music where a song so successfully chills (HA!) the listener to the bone (also Suffer Little Children, obviously)



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