Jul 1, 2012

Paul Giovanni - The Wicker Man (1973)

Giovanni's beautiful score full of poppish folk songs which capture the still unsettling atmosphere of the cult classic film.The folk song Willow's Song is so perfect that I figured it was a standard or a popular single, but I was wrong! It actually managed to get me into Current 93.. A cover of it appeared on Nature and Organisation's underrated Beauty Reaps the Blood of Solitude so I listened to that hoping that the pagan/pro-white bullshit that makes its way into some neofolk wouldn't come up, given that the film pushes pagans against celibate conservatives and only really concludes what a waste! It manages to be both melancholy and appealingly melodic, maybe in order to demonstrate the conflict going on in our prudish protagonist's head: he's drawn to the pleasure presented and is about to give in but doing so requires he give up on salvation. The cheery songs are even more disturbing 'cause the film argues that a certain sacrifice needs to be made for society's happiness

I liked it all before seeing the film and got scared appropriately and went oooooo appropriately, but watching it elevated the soundtrack as one of my favourite folk albums



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